Model Farm Project

Changing the future of farming

What is the Model Farm Project?

The Model Farm Project is a partnership between the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and the Food Animal Initiative (FAI). The aim is to establish an international network of viable, humane and sustainable model farms. Governments, the public and the farming community must feel confident that humane and sustainable farming is not just a 'philosophy' but rather a practical reality that is already working on the ground. Establishing model farms is necessary to demonstrate real humane alternatives to poor welfare farming practices and to develop practical solutions that are relevant in terms of culture, science, climate, species and topography.

Model Farm Project objectives

  • To provide an alternative to the industrial 'factory farming' of animals - the cruel management, long-distance transportation and inhumane slaughter of animals for food or products
  • To develop humane, sustainable farm systems which provide discernable benefits to animal welfare, the environment and human health
  • To act as a centre of excellence for good farm animal welfare practice, and share this knowledge with commercial farmers and other interested parties as widely as possible
  • To demonstrate to governments and the public that humane and sustainable farming is a practical reality
  • To demonstrate to the global farming community that humane and sustainable farming is possible, and obtain their support for this higher welfare method of farming

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